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About Us

We are a Christian organisation run by a team that is made up of the Leadership of the Elim Pentecostal church and also of staff and parent of the pre-school nursery.

From time to time the children will be involved in Christian activities such as Easter and Christmas productions.
Children’s Christian stories and music will also be read/listened to frequently. We may also say simple prayers with the children at various times.

The Pre-school/nursery consists of staffs that are committed to developing your child’s education as well as their personal and social needs.

The hours of opening are:
Pre-School :Monday – Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Please ensure that you arrive on time as Pre -School registration begins at 9.30 am.

At home time please wait for your child in the carpet room.  It is the first room as you come into the Pre-school/Nursery and a member of staff will call the child to meet you.


If you should have any complaint(s) against or concerns about any member of staff and /or the pre-school/nursery you can ask to speak to the Pre-school/Nursery manager Geri Thomas in private or with another member of staff. You can also put it in writing if this does not meet your needs or you can also ask to speak with the Managing Director Rev Guy Miller.

You can also contact OFSTED for references and /or advice to complain if you feel  the Pre-school/nursery cannot help.  You can phone OFSTED on 03001234666 or visit their website www.ofsted.gov.uk./parent  You can also write to them at CUMBERLAND PLACE, NOTTINGHAM NG1 6HJ.